pens strokedI’ve been writing for myself for many, many years. My imagination is hectic, scattered, confusing, excited, sometimes dark, sometimes funny, but always non-stop. It’s all over the place and overflowing with ideas, stories, thoughts, and dreams, and when I sit down at a computer and my fingers meet the keys, it’s like everything falls into place how it should. That’s how writing always feels to me. It’s my calling and passion, and now I’ve decided to let people into my unpredictable imagination…so explore if you dare.

Why Young Adult?

I wrote my very first unpublished (you can thank me later—it was awful) novel at age eighteen. I had graduated high school just six months before and my voice sounded just like I did. That youthful, honest, spirited voice never left me, even ten years later, and I still love writing for teenagers and those young-at-heart. You could say that no matter how hard I tried to grow up, I didn’t—at least my imagination didn’t.

More about me…

I love writing fantasy and contemporary works within YA. While things like ghosts, demons, zombies, and aliens scare me on the small and big screen, I enjoy writing about them. I also love writing about real life and the light and dark we live with. I find creative balance writing for multiple genres.

Besides writing, I enjoy binge watching television, playing with my toddler, hanging out with my husband, cuddling with my dogs, and designing all sorts of neat things for Silver Starlight Designs, the design company I co-founded.

I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do! You can also check me out on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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