Destined for Dreams debuts in less than two weeks and I’m anxiously waiting for everyone to get their hands on it. While counting down the days, I’ve been working on a few other exciting projects including the second book in the series and a prequel short story for Hunter Sullivan. It was interesting to go back into Hunter’s past and write down what he was like before Destined for Dreams. His past has always been mapped out in my mind, but having it come to life on the page left me wanting to share Hunter’s character bio with you.

To give you a little back story, Hunter started off as not a person, but as a secret Nadia Petrov was supposed to discover while inflicting a nightmare on Jacqueline Matthews, the new girl looking for sanctuary at Nadia’s compound. But after thinking about the plot and what Jacqueline’s secret was, Hunter Sullivan was born. Because hosting a soul is one of the biggest secrets a person could have and want to hide.

Now, after Hunter came to life in my mind, he was much louder than Jacqueline. He was ticked off and afraid for his life, and his character demanded he needed a voice more so than Jacqueline, so that’s how Hunter got his own point of view.

Without giving too much more away, below is Hunter Sullivan’s character bio. And remember, Destined for Dreams is now available for preorder!

hunter sullivan in Destined for Dreams

Name: Hunter Sullivan

Age: Seventeen

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Ability/Creature: None—human.

Family: Mason Sullivan-brother

Dr.  Andrea Sullivan-mother

Fears: Hunter is afraid of his host, Jacqueline Matthews, and he’s also afraid he’ll be trapped in her head forever.

Strengths: He’s understands how Jacqueline thinks from being trapped in her mind. He also knows how to manipulate her to do what he wants. He’s determined, brave, and even in his darkest moments, holds onto hope.

Quote: “The way she says it, it sounds like someone else would have to lose their body and then what? I’m not cool with that. Someone shouldn’t have to die when I have a perfectly good body back home. Jacqueline has caused enough harm as it is.”

I hoped you liked getting to know Hunter better. If you have any non-spoiler questions about how I created his character or anything else in regards to Destined for Dreams, leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!

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