As the release of my debut novel, Destined for Dreams, draws closer, I figured I’d let you get to know my characters a little better, and also how they came to exist in my mind.

My main character, Nadia Petrov, wasn’t the first character I created in the series. It was her father, Dmitri Petrov. His identity existed months before I had a premise for Destined for Dreams—he was actually created for a different project. But, the more I thought about Dmitri and who he was, the more I thought about his daughter. That’s when Nadia was created.

The idea for Nadia started in the notes section of my cell phone. I wrote a couple of sentences about a girl who hungered for dreams along with a list of possible names—none of which stuck. Nadia wasn’t given her permanent name until the third draft of Destined for Dreams, and only a few minutes before I sent it to my beta reader. Destined for Dreams is about hope and wanting (needing) to beat the odds—so in the end, Nadia, which means hope, is a very fitting name for her.

Now, without giving too much away, I’d like to share Nadia’s character bio with you.

nadia pic

Name: Nadia Petrov

Age: Seventeen

Hair Color: Pale blond/ White

Eye color: Blue/ Light gray

Ability/Creature: Nightmare inflictor

Family: Dmitri Petrov –father

Friends: Alyssa Callaghan

Fears: Nadia’s terrified of The Human Preservation Agency—an organization composed of scientists, doctors, and agents that seek to destroy the supernatural world—and with the fear of the HPA stems her fear of the world outside of the compound. Nadia’s also afraid of losing her humanity to her nightmare inflictor side.

Strengths: Nadia is all about getting things done. Once she has her mind set on something, she won’t stop until she completes the task. She’s intuitive and guarded, and has a strong moral compass of right and wrong, but also recognizes that there are gray areas to navigate.

Quote: “Each step I take leaves an oily footprint that seeps into the vibrant green grass, killing it. I bend over and tap the blossoming flowers and they shrivel up and disintegrate. Everything I touch rots and decays, turning this beautiful paradise into a hellish place fit for monsters like me.”  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nadia Petrov. If you have any (non-spoilery) questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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