Crane weaves a believable story following Keegan, an elf, and her chosen, Rourk, as their species faces a longtime feud between the light and dark within their world.

Taking place in a world where magical creatures live within the human world, Coexist takes us to a place where soul mates are real, with the idea that there is only one perfect person for an elf, which happens to be chosen by the elf elders. Keegan lives her life in ignorance, because her parents have spent her life protecting her. Her world suddenly changes when truths are revealed, and she must come to terms with reality and learn to live in a world where everything she thought she knew was a lie.

The story was a quick read, and I’ve always enjoyed discovering new worlds within the human world, so I knew I’d like Keegan’s story. I loved the family aspect of the story and how relatable each character was. I also liked the special abilities each elf possessed, and wished I got to learn more about them—especially Keegan’s. I’ll be interested to see how the series continues and learn more about Keegan’s gifts.

If you like soul mate stories, you’ll enjoy Coexist. While the bond between Keegan and Rourk was formed long before they met, it didn’t feel like instant love. There was more to the story than their love, and it wasn’t all consuming like some would think. It gave the story balance, rounding it out as a tale of family, friends, love, and a battle of good and evil.

What I didn’t like about the novel was that the ending felt rushed. While the beginning was drawn out, there was a lot of time jumps toward the end, which left me unsatisfied. The timeline could’ve been condensed to help the change in pace. Also, there was a lot of buildup to an anticlimactic ending, and what I felt was an important scene was underdeveloped. I craved more and was slightly disappointed at how abrupt the action was. I still liked the story, though, and I look forward to the next book.

If you like young adult books about good versus evil, stories of family, special abilities, soul mates, and self discovery, Coexist is perfect for you.

You can find Coexist on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Apple iBooks.

About Julia Crane from her website:

julia crane

Julia Crane dreamt of elves and teen androids long before she captured them and put them on paper. She’s written and released over fifteen young adult and new adult titles over the past two and a half years. From science fiction adventures to succubus, Julia’s fresh voice is easy to read and imaginative. Widely known for her Keegan’s Chronicles and IFICS series, she’s hit numerous best selling list on Amazon.

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