Revelations is the second novel in K.E. O’Connor’s The School of Exorcists series, and picks up where Initiation left off. Following now seventeen-year-old Ruby Carmichael, the novel focuses on the aftermath of a disastrous seventeenth birthday party that has Ruby’s friends turning their backs on her while she experiences the addictive power of dark magic. Ruby must learn to control the desires before it’s too late to stop while still facing the threats her birth parents send her because she refuses to join them.

Revelations was a great second book in the School of Exorcists series. It was fast paced and explored what I felt was missing from book one. I liked how Revelations touched on friendship and how miscommunications can ruin bonds between friends. It really captured what it’s like coming of age and how relationships grow and change in the process.

I also liked how it explored relationships outside of Ruby’s love toward Zander. It also explained the instant love between the two of them, but also showed that love shouldn’t be the only thing in a person’s existence and that other people do matter.

I did have a few issues with the novel, but nothing too major that made the read any less enjoyable. I didn’t like how some characters seemed to disappear for long periods of time with no real acknowledgement, and then they’d reappear out of nowhere. And while Ruby fought harder during the actions scenes, she still needed rescuing in one way or another. As a Sender, she could’ve called upon the dead herself instead of having someone else do it.

Overall, I highly recommend this series for fans of YA paranormal stories that take place in boarding schools, those who like reading about magic, and those who like love woven into the story instead of having it as the main theme.

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I’m K.E. O’Connor, and I love to write, make up new worlds, new possibilities and characters and share stories for others to enjoy.

I was raised in Essex, England. I am a novelist and short story writer, writing in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and paranormal adventure genres. My writing has mystery, adventure and excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating. I’m an indie author on a learning curve to create quality fiction, quickly, without sending out error ridden books into the world.

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