I’m happy to finally reveal the cover and blurb for the second Finding Nate book, Stolen from Me! The novel takes place a few weeks after Altered to Kill and follows Nate and Mira as they restart their lives in Ocean View while their past comes back to haunt them, threatening to steal the few good things they have left.

I hope you enjoy the next novel in the Finding Nate series, which will be available in the spring of 2016!

And now for the cover and blurb…



Stolen from me eBook small


After the Human Preservation Agency stole seventeen-year-old Mira Everson’s future, she learns that a second chance at living isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Struggling to find a place in a world she no longer belongs to, she must fight for her future as her past comes back to haunt her, and the HPA threatens to steal everything from her all over again.

 Nate Burnham faces a world of uncertainty as his new life revolves around murder and secrecy in order to stay alive. Now bound to Mira’s soul after giving her a fresh start, Nate realizes his actions have consequences. He finds himself running from the HPA while also facing new enemies who threaten his life.

 In a world where Nate and Mira don’t know who to trust, they must rely on themselves to make it out alive. Can they outrun their pasts and take control of their futures, or will they lose everything they’ve fought for?




Isn’t the gorgeous? If you haven’t read Altered to Kill, you can pick up your copy on Amazon today!




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