Name: Cami Anders

Age: Seventeen

Description: Dark hair, green eyes, pouty lips, 5’6”.

Style: Leather jacket, boots, jeans, though she loves impractical hunting clothes like sundresses and skirts.

Personality Traits: Curious, impulsive, defiant, snarky.

Strengths: Adaptive, caring, good sense of smell.

Weaknesses: Follows heart over head, acts before thinking, starved for socialization.

Cami Anders Quote TaintedQuote: “I would love to run away from this life, but I can’t trust him. I’ve known him a few hours, and it would be crazy to even consider it. I like him, but I also like chocolate, reading, and not being bothered by demons, too.” This is one of my favorite quotes because she recognizes how complicated and confusing her emotions tend to be. Plus, I like chocolate.

Theme songs: Demons by Imagine Dragons and Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin.

Fun fact: Cami Anders has a heightened sense of smell for demons. I spent four years sampling and writing fragrance reviews and applied my knowledge of fragrances to develop Cami’s nose.

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