Red QueenRed Queen follows the life of Mare Barrows, a Red girl from the Stilts in a dystopian world where people have evolved into two classes—the Reds, those who are merely ordinary human, and the Silvers, humans who have evolved with special abilities after the destruction of the old world. From the beginning, the novel drew me into this terrible yet fascinating world where all Mare wanted to do was survive. But as it turns out, surviving the Stilts is the least of her problems when it’s discovered that while she has the blood of the Reds, she has the abilities of the Silvers. This alone is enough to get her killed.

What I loved most about Red Queen was discovering the Silver world through Mare’s eyes. Having her forced into royalty, while not sounding so awful, put her in a fragile position where the king and queen could easily kill her. I loved how I got to learn about the world right alongside Mare all the while hoping that she could overcome the obstacles that forced her away from her family. I thought her relationships with the two princes of her kingdom were really well done, so much so that I was furious at what had come from them at the end of the novel.

Victoria Aveyard did a fantastic job of making me love the two princes who were involved in Mare’s life only to make me kind of despise both of them. While a lot of the beginning of the book was predictable, the climax surprised me and left me reeling.

I’d highly recommend this book to those who love YA dystopian, royal stories, and stories with people with special powers.

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Victoria AveyardAbout the Author

Victoria Aveyard was born and raised in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, a small town known only for the worst traffic rotary in the continental United States. She moved to Los Angeles to earn a BFA in screenwriting at the University of Southern California. She currently splits her time between the East and West coasts. As an author and screenwriter, she uses her career as an excuse to read too many books and watch too many movies.

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