Name: Cadence Dubois

Age: Eighteen

Description: Purple hair, light brown eyes, muscular, heavy makeup.

Style: Skirts, skinny jeans, fishnets, halter tops, gothic styles, heels. Impractical hunting attire.

Personality Traits: Assertive, courageous, protective, flirtatious.

Strengths: Loyal, impulsive, skilled fighter.

Weaknesses: Tends to underestimate the severity of a situation, overconfident.

Cadence Dubois quote TaintedQuote: “Stop putting yourself down and call. You may not realize it yet, but you’re more than just hunted. You are something special. If you weren’t, that upper level demon wouldn’t even bother with trying to take you alive.” Cadence always gives Cami pretty sound advice when it comes to how to deal with her life. While Alana spends her time protecting Cami, Cadence believes Cami is plenty capable of taking care of herself.

Theme songs: Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

Fun fact: Cadence lives in a town based on one my mother lived in years ago. At the time, it was basically all desert, and I’d always get nervous driving to her house at night because it felt like the perfect place for scary shenanigans to occur.

Thanks so much for reading an in-depth look at Cadence, Cami’s best friend!

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