Name: Evan Whiteshaw

Age: Nineteen

Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, muscular, tall, extremely attractive.

Style: Hunting attire usually consisting of all black clothing and boots.

Personality Traits: Confident, brave, reasonable.

Strengths: Trustworthy, powerful, intelligent, helpful.

Weaknesses: Perfectly okay with his darker side.

Evan Whiteshaw Quote TaintedQuote: “You can never let your guard down for anyone—not even me.” Evan is aware of the darker side he possesses, and he isn’t afraid to use it. The advice applies to teaching Cami to fight, but it can be applied to Cami’s real life.

Theme songs: Look After You by The Fray and Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin.

Fun fact: Evan and Cami have a bond due to surviving similar circumstances. When Cami lost her parents, Evan was the only one she’d talk to, though she doesn’t remember much after the fire.

Thanks so much for reading about my favorite hunter, Evan Whiteshaw! 

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