I’m super stoked to participate in this book blitz featuring Jessa Gabrielle’s debut novel, The Summer of Lost Wishes, because as soon as I discovered it, I knew I had to read it. And just as I expected, it was amazing. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Jessa, so you can find an author interview at the bottom of this post.

The Summer of Lost Wishes
by Jessa Gabrielle
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 13th 2016

When sixteen-year-old Piper Davenport’s mom packs up their lives and heads to the coastal Florida town of Coral Sands, Piper doesn’t care much for the view…until she catches a glimpse at Rooks Carter. 

Her mom’s “look but don’t touch” policy regarding the boy next door is all but impossible to maintain, especially since he’s helping his dad restore Piper’s new home, the Calloway Cottage. A gorgeous, shirtless boy makes this boring little town a bit more exciting.
But after Piper and Rooks discover a secret in the walls of the cottage, they have a chance to unravel the biggest mystery in Coral Sands history – unless someone unravels them first. 
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My thoughts:

What can I say? The Summer of Lost Wishes was the perfect book to kick off my summer. It had everything I love in a YA novel from teen angst to a hot boy next door and some mystery as Piper and her new neighbor Rooks set off to discover what really happened to the five teens who died tragically in their small beach town fifty years ago.

Jessa Gabrielle does a stunning job at weaving the perfect beach setting, with incredible summery descriptions that really let me experience the small town of Coral Sands. The sweet, budding romance between Piper and Rooks had me smiling at nearly every page. There aren’t enough smiley heart-eye emojis in the world to describe how adorable every moment between the two of them was. Their summer love story was really well done.

I also loved how some letters from the past were speckled throughout the novel to give us a glimpse at the teens’ lives from 1965 before the tragedy occurred. It set up the mystery of the story perfectly.

I highly recommend this story for those who like young adult contemporary novels, beach reads, beautiful settings, and an all around cute romance.

Author Interview

1. First of all, I loved everything about this book—the mystery, the sweet love story, the setting—it was perfect. So, what was your favorite scene to write?

Thank you so much! I really loved writing a particular conversation toward the end of the book where a lot of the mystery was revealed. It was a big moment because it’d been in my head for a year, so finally getting the words down was awesome. But since that would be a total spoiler, I’m going to say my other favorite scene, which was the county fair. The flirtation between Piper and Rooks was so much fun. I loved everything about that scene.

That was hands down my favorite scene, too. 🙂

2. Piper Davenport has an interesting taste in room décor. Why faux deer heads? Is there a reason behind them?

When I started plotting this book, I had the big plot twist but nothing else. I wanted Piper to be a little quirky and different, so I hopped over on Pinterest and tried to imagine what her bedroom would be like, to get an idea of her personality. I actually saw the deer heads on there and loved them. (https://www.pinterest.com/jessa_gabrielle/the-summer-of-lost-wishes)

The Summer of Lost Wishes by Jessa Gabrielle quote3. What was your favorite quote from the book?

“This is our fate. We played with the sharks, and now we’re going to get bitten. We tempted the ghosts of the past, and we dug into a treasure chest that was meant to be sealed for eternity. Now we’re going to pay the ultimate price. Seth and Hanna won’t be the legendary couple who died at Shark Island anymore – we will.”

4. I know some people like to have playlists with their books. Any songs capture the essence of The Summer of Lost Wishes for you?

I usually have pretty in depth playlists for my projects, but this book only had a few songs on it – “Teenage Dream”, “The One That Got Away”, and “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry and “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon.

5. Will you ever visit Coral Sands again?

I told myself I wouldn’t when I started writing the book, but I have a terrible, terrible habit of going back and revisiting old places and old characters, so it’s possible that Coral Sands will pop back up.

6. Can/Will you share anything about future projects?

My next book will be a YA contemporary romance called Fireflies, Sandcastles, and Other Remnants of Summer.

It doesn’t have an official blurb yet, but it’s a summertime romance between two childhood best friends who have grown apart. It’s set in a summer beach house in the fictional beach town of Cape Gabriel, revolves around their two families, and has pretty summertime things like fireflies and sandcastles in it. (hence the title)

Thanks so much for the interview, Jessa! I had so much fun reading TSOLW!

About the Author

Jessa Gabrielle is a young adult author who lives in the land of salt water, palm trees, and sandy shorelines. She believes that summer love is pure bliss and that she was a mermaid in a past life. The Summer of Lost Wishes is her debut novel.
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