img_5305I’m super excited for the release of Crushed: Demon Within Book Two! In the second installment, Cami finds herself immersed in a world where she doesn’t know who she can trust all while navigating a new world where nothing is what it seems. This book is guaranteed to elicit some strong emotions on Cami’s behalf, and I do hope you enjoy it!


After discovering a life-altering secret that brings her closer to Hell than ever, seventeen-year-old Cami Anders must adjust to a new life full of possibilities she never imagined.

Giving up a life on the run in exchange for protection from the Hunter’s Alliance was an easy decision for Cami to make. Training with the best hunters guarantees that she will soon have the strength to defeat the demon who killed her parents. The only problem? She might not have a chance to reach her full potential as more secrets come to light, threatening to unravel everything she’s fought for.

Finding her life in more danger than ever, Cami makes an unthinkable deal that sends her life spiraling down a path straight toward evil. One wrong step means she could lose not only her life but also her soul. Is Cami strong enough to resist the darkness or is she destined for Hell?

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