Cami Anders has a lot of interesting demon encounters on her quest to find the demon who has been haunting her for years. With her BFF Cadence by her side, things are a lot more interesting. They make a great team. Cami was kind enough to send me a few screen shots from some of their hunts for your reading enjoyment.


Fun fact: Most tainted humans smell like their demonic master to Cami. Sometimes she doesn’t realize they’re tainted until she sees the demon for herself. She rarely notices the scents of humans unless they are associated with demons, have potent body odor/are dirty, or if they wear fragrance.



Here’s another text message between Cami and Cadence involving a demon they stumble upon, who Cadence has the bravery to approach, pretending to be an innocent human. Stay tuned for an extra scene that I wrote from Cadence’s perspective that ties into this text message.

Fun fact: Demons don’t pass up any opportunities presented to them. Cadence is seen as an opportunity to corrupt.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these extras.








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