Alana doesn’t follow Cami on her hunts now that she’s reunited with David and knows that Cami can handle herself. So when Cami’s on the road, I imagine that she sends Alana a lot of interesting text messages. Here are a few.

alana-and-cami-textIt’s safe to say that no one likes to receive text messages including pictures of dead demons, even Alana, who isn’t afraid to get covered in demon guts.

Fun fact: New hunters love taking pictures of dead demons to show their skills. They also do it because demons are actually pretty rare for normal hunters. Cami is an exception.






The last thing Cami likes is to get letters from Malicevile. But he just loves torturing with her through the postal service. It’s his way of showing her that he knows where she is. It’s a power play.




Only the bravest hunters would dare take on a big city. Cami and Cadence aren’t though. She sends this picture to Alana as her way of showing that she’s no longer afraid of the sun setting. She’s embracing it.







I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these!

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