Cami and Dylan have an up and down relationship that constantly has her wanting to kiss and kill him on a regular basis. In the next few text messages that take place both before and during Haunted, we get to see how they act on a more normal level when the world isn’t out to get Cami. Click to enlarge and enjoy!

angel-boy-ride-textFun fact: Cami hates nephilim transportation. For one, it’s cold in the air since she runs hot. Two, the closeness of being carried drives her crazy in a good and bad way. And three, transportation is one of the few things she can control in her life. She doesn’t like putting it in someone else’s hands unless she’s desperate. In a car, she has better control of the situation whether she’s driving or not.







Fun fact: Cami sleeps the best just after sunrise. If you dare call or text her before noon, you’ll have to face her wrath. She’d much prefer people send her messages via dreams like Dylan.




Fun fact: Cami has a hard time adjusting to a normal life. Running has always been her specialty, and stopping is harder than she imagined.





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