I had a lot of fun writing Malicevile Hellshire, so I figured I’d share with you some text messages between him and his new favorite minion. I hope you enjoy! (click on texts to enlarge.)

mal-textFun fact: Malicevile loves to send Cami letters because it’s more intimidating than a text message. But, Malicevile loves everything about modern technology and favors a few emojis. He’s quite pleased to see the purple devil. Cry-laughing is another one of his favorites, because even though demonic soul collecting is serious business, Mal knows how to lighten up and have a good time.

malicevile-textMalicevile has a love-hate relationship with Cami throughout the series. He finds her to be overdramatic over things he doesn’t understand because he’s not thinking on a human level. But, no matter how he feels about her, one thing he is certain of–he believes that she will be by his side one way or another, even if it’s just keeping her soul.


malicevile-text-broken-furnitureFun fact: Malicevile has been around a long time. Longer than anyone could possibly grasp. And because he has been around so long, his wealth is unimaginable. So the only possessions he really takes pride in are souls. All the material stuff is replaceable.


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