After Crushed, Cami Anders decides to take on the Veiled Realm by storm, going against the alliance’s guidelines for demon hunting, and engages on the hunt of her life in search of the demon who ruined her life time and time again. As part of her new mission in life, Cami and Cadence immerse themselves in the demonic world and stalk demons like true hunters. In the weeks between Crushed and Haunted, they decided to keep track via notes to make their hunts more successful. Here are a few of the pages from their journal about some of the demons they’ve come across. Also, keep a look out for a new scene from Cadence’s perspective coming in a few short weeks on one of their hunts. Enjoy! (Click images to enlarge.)

cami-to-do-list demon-hunting-planner img20161025_00253831 img20161025_19151761

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