#TeamDemonBoy, #TeamAngelBoy, or #TeamCami?

love-trianglesWith the release of Tainted, I’ve had a few people comment on the relationships in Cami’s life. One thing’s for sure—people either love or hate love triangles. If you hate love triangles, I want to let you know now that while there is a love triangle in the series, it’s not what the books are about. The main focus of the series is self-discovery, exploring the gray areas of good and evil, overcoming adversity, fighting for what is important on a personal level, and much more.

Every relationship in Cami’s life is important. They’re not there just to add angst and drama. They serve purposes that might not be clear from the start, because Cami’s world is still full of secrets, lies, and misunderstandings. It’s the relationships that Cami has with others that drive her through her life. From her relationship with her guardian to the relationship with (spoilers ahead) her demonic father, it’s these relationships that help her discover who she is and what she wants/needs to do in her life.

The thing about Cami’s relationship with both Evan and Dylan is that while both boys hold a piece of Cami’s heart, they’re so completely different and special in their own way. And like everything, her relationship with both boys is ever evolving and changing like her whole life. It’s not about who she loves or who she should/wants to be with, it’s about how these specific relationships affect her life. In Tainted, it’s the beginning—everything is new. But in Crushed, things have had time to settle and you get to see the layers unfold. But why a love triangle, you ask? I don’t have a clear cut answer. Cami is young and as things progress and change, so does Cami. You’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold. In the Demon Within series, anything is possible.


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