It feels like yesterday that I was writing my recap for 2015, and now we’re moving forward into 2017. I almost don’t believe it. As I forge ahead, looking at the future and what I want to accomplish, I lovingly look back at what I have done in 2016. While I didn’t publish the one book (Bond to Break) that I had hoped to due to unforeseen circumstances, I did get to publish the first three books (Tainted, Crushed, and Haunted) in a series that is close to my heart. I also exceeded my writing goal and completed seven new books, 3 being the final ones of the Demon Within series, two being YA contemporary romances, and the last two being the first of a brand new fantasy series.

As for 2017, I’m going to focus on releasing the books I wrote in 2016 while also writing another six books for 2018. I’m also going to start looking into expanding my editorial team to include a few more beta readers since my schedule will be pretty full. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for me, please contact me here. I’m looking for people who love all types of YA, are honest in opinion, and are avid readers. You do not have to proofread for errors, but I would like people who can read and respond fairly quickly (2-3 weeks.) All beta readers will get a print copy of the book, swag, and a ton of gratitude.

I want to thank everyone who has been a tremendous help in my somewhat daunting publishing schedule. With the help of Jan, Katie, Jamie, and Courtney, Destined for Love, Stolen from Me, Tainted, Crushed, Haunted, and O Unholy Nights made it out into the world, and I couldn’t be happier with them. You are all so invaluable and amazing.

Also, a special thanks to all my readers near and far. Without you, this journey wouldn’t be as amazing. Here’s to a new year full of happiness, love, good books, new and old friendships, and so much more!



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