With the sixth book in The Divine Vampire Heirs series being released, I’ve been getting quite a few questions such as what about Orlando, is this it, will there be more books? I’m aware of the divide between those of you who love and those of you who didn’t necessarily like Orlando. I know I put you through an emotional roller coaster, but it was necessary for the entire Vampire Heirs World.

Wait, what? What do you mean the entire Vampire Heirs World?

This post is sort of my unofficial announcement of more books in this world, including books with the Royales (Rebel Vampires is next!), the Mercy Coven, and the Daring Brothers. I have also planned quite a few more books for the Divines beyond the six released, but not for a few months.

Creatively, I need a small break from Jewel and her guys, which is why I left Blood Vows with a happy for now ending with a few things still up in the air, such as Orlando. While the main story arc is complete for the six books, I do have more stories coming. It is such a rich world, and who doesn’t want to see the guys handle raising Jade? I know I do. You just have to hang tight.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your support and enthusiasm. You all are the best.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

XOXO, Ginna

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