Character Bio – Malicevile Hellshire

Name: Malicevile (Mali-see-ville) Hellshire

Age: Unknown

Description: Dark hair, green eyes, sharp features, tall.

Style: Suits and other professional business attire.

Personality Traits: Cocky, relentless, aggressive.

Strengths: Tracking abilities, deal making, patient, upper-level demon, calculated.

Weaknesses: Holy water, sunlight, underestimates people.

Malicevile Hellshire Quote TaintedQuote: “The girl has spunk. All these years I thought I’d have to toughen her up.” I loved writing Malicevile’s character. He’s much more than just an evil demon, and it was fun to come up with his motives.

Theme song: Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

Fun facts: Malicevile could easily capture Cami, but he enjoys tormenting and wearing her down. All of his actions are heavily planned, and they all have a reason behind them.

Also, Malicevile’s last name is never mentioned in Tainted.

Thanks so much for reading a more in-depth look at the demon you wouldn’t want hunting you!

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Character Interview with Cami Anders

Cami Character Interview

Whenever I need a break from writing or editing one of my novels, I like to write smaller pieces to get my mind back on track. So, I sat down and thought about what it would be like to talk to Cami Anders instead of be in her head for once, and this character is what came out of it. It includes a never-before-read memory of Cami’s from her time on the run with her guardian, Alana, advice on demons, and who smells better: Dylan the nephilim or Evan the demi-demon.*

*There is a small spoiler about Dylan and Evan’s involvement in Cami’s life. Read at your own risk.

And now without further ado, and interview with Cami Anders.

Me: Thank you so much for stopping by, Cami. I’m surprised to see you alone.

Cami: *Smiles* I’m not alone. Alana’s outside. She didn’t like that you chose somewhere that isn’t safe so she’s keeping guard.

Me: Malicevile and I have a deal. Plus, the sun’s still out.

Cami: *Pales* You made a deal with a demon?

Me: *Shrugs* More of an agreement. *Shifts uncomfortably under Cami’s scrutiny* Anyway, while we’re talking about demons, can you give me a few words of advice?

Cami: *Raises her eyebrows* First, never make a deal with a demon. Demons don’t make deals unless they get the better end of the bargain—which is most likely your soul. Also, don’t let them fool you. Upper-level demons are extremely charming.

Me: Oh, I know.

Cami: I was afraid of that.

Me: *Laughs nervously* Let’s stay on track. I know you need to get back to safety before the sun sets. You’ve had quite a few run-ins with demons over the years. Any one particularly memorable?

Cami: About two years ago, when things were still pretty peaceful in my life, Alana and I lived in a beach town just north of San Diego. We’d been living there for probably four months, one of our longer stays, and I attended a public high school. Well, Alana was forced into one of those mandatory parent/teacher conferences that left us out after sunset. It wasn’t really a big deal, most of our apartments weren’t exactly demon safe, but it’s nice when things fall on a daylight schedule. Anyway, when we get to my school, there was this woman screaming at my English teacher. She was throwing her arms around, just making this huge scene. I immediately knew something was wrong because even the most potent perfume couldn’t mask the demon stink that lingered on the woman.

Me: So a demon was disguised as a parent?

Cami: *Holds hands up* Sort of. As it turned out, a kid had hired this demon to intimidate poor Mr. Longstein into changing his grade before his parents showed up for their conference.

Me: Whoa!

Cami: I know! Anyway, this kid got so freaking lucky that the demon wasn’t interested in anything more than money. She was probably working her way up to his soul.

Me: How does someone even find a demon?

Cami: Why are you asking?

Me: *Shrugs* So I know what not to do.

Cami: Alana says it’s harder than you’d expect. Demons pick their prey. It’s all very calculated. But, I’m sure if you called for one loud enough after dark, you could probably find one. Big cities tend to have an abundance of them.

Me: I bet finding a demon at parent/teacher night was quite the surprise for Alana.

Cami: Alana? No. Me, totally. One second the woman was yelling, and then in the next, her face had morphed from soccer mom to something of nightmares. Mr. Longstein passed out right on the floor the moment before Alana cut the demon’s heart out and sent her back to Hell.

Me: I’d have passed out, too. Demons in their true bodies are a whole lot of nope in my book.

Cami: *Laughs* That stupid demon was the reason I had to leave one of my favorite places. Oh, well.

Me: Hey, if it didn’t, you’d never had met a few certain someones.

Cami: *Blushes* You’re going to go there?

Me: *Grins* How can I not talk about your encounter with a nephilim and a demi-demon? Did you ever imagine you’d get to meet two boys from opposite sides of the spectrum?

Cami: Oh, definitely not. I’m glad I did though. Dylan basically pulled me from the fringes of the Veiled Realm and dropped me in the center of it, and then Evan taught me how to survive in it in a way Alana never could.

Me: *Smirks* I bet Alana just loves Dylan for that.

Cami: *Rolls her eyes* He’s lucky she didn’t try to pluck his wings.

Me: So she’s Team Evan?

Cami: She’s Team Cami.

Me: What about you?

Cami: We’re all on the same side, you know.

*A knock sounds on the door, and Alana peeks her head in.*

Alana: We have an hour to get home.

Cami: *Frowns* One more question?

Alana: *Crosses arms* Fine.

Me: Okay. One more question. You have a keen sense of smell that allows you know when someone isn’t human. And since we’re talking about Evan and Dylan, who are only half human…who smells better?

Cami: Seriously?

Me: Yeah.

Cami: They both smell pretty irresistible—Dylan like apples and rain and Evan like amber and patchouli—but I’m going to go with Evan.

Alana: Good choice.

Me: I’m going to pick Dylan then.

Cami: Cadence is with you on that.

Me: You’ll have to send her my way for an interview.

Cami: *Smiles* She’d like that.

Me: *Turns to Alana* Thanks for bringing Cami by, Alana. You sure you don’t want to hang around and answer some questions?

Cami: Good luck with pulling answers from her.

Alana: *Sighs* Come on, Cami. It’s time to go.

Me: Thanks again for stopping by, Cami. Stay safe tonight.

Cami: You, too. And remember what I said about demons.

Me: *Makes note to call Malicevile to reschedule his interview* Sure thing.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with Cami Anders! Feel free to leave your own questions in the comments, and she might just come back for another interview some other time.

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Character Bio – Evan Whiteshaw

Name: Evan Whiteshaw

Age: Nineteen

Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, muscular, tall, extremely attractive.

Style: Hunting attire usually consisting of all black clothing and boots.

Personality Traits: Confident, brave, reasonable.

Strengths: Trustworthy, powerful, intelligent, helpful.

Weaknesses: Perfectly okay with his darker side.

Evan Whiteshaw Quote TaintedQuote: “You can never let your guard down for anyone—not even me.” Evan is aware of the darker side he possesses, and he isn’t afraid to use it. The advice applies to teaching Cami to fight, but it can be applied to Cami’s real life.

Theme songs: Look After You by The Fray and Angels Fall by Breaking Benjamin.

Fun fact: Evan and Cami have a bond due to surviving similar circumstances. When Cami lost her parents, Evan was the only one she’d talk to, though she doesn’t remember much after the fire.

Thanks so much for reading about my favorite hunter, Evan Whiteshaw! 

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Character Bio – Cadence Dubois

Name: Cadence Dubois

Age: Eighteen

Description: Purple hair, light brown eyes, muscular, heavy makeup.

Style: Skirts, skinny jeans, fishnets, halter tops, gothic styles, heels. Impractical hunting attire.

Personality Traits: Assertive, courageous, protective, flirtatious.

Strengths: Loyal, impulsive, skilled fighter.

Weaknesses: Tends to underestimate the severity of a situation, overconfident.

Cadence Dubois quote TaintedQuote: “Stop putting yourself down and call. You may not realize it yet, but you’re more than just hunted. You are something special. If you weren’t, that upper level demon wouldn’t even bother with trying to take you alive.” Cadence always gives Cami pretty sound advice when it comes to how to deal with her life. While Alana spends her time protecting Cami, Cadence believes Cami is plenty capable of taking care of herself.

Theme songs: Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

Fun fact: Cadence lives in a town based on one my mother lived in years ago. At the time, it was basically all desert, and I’d always get nervous driving to her house at night because it felt like the perfect place for scary shenanigans to occur.

Thanks so much for reading an in-depth look at Cadence, Cami’s best friend!

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Character Bio – Dylan Davidoff

Name: Dylan Davidoff

Age: Eighteen

Description: Tall, black hair, dark brown eyes, dimples, translucent wings.

Style: Casual, usually jeans and a T-shirt.

Personality Traits: Forward, secretive, curious, loves broken people.

Strengths: Can heal souls, protective, smart.

Weaknesses: No fighting skills, empathetic to the point of others emotions being all-consuming.

Dylan Davidoff Quote TaintedQuote: “You could come with me. Alana isn’t the only one who can keep you safe.” What can I say? I might’ve run off with the nephilim had I been Cami. Dylan specifically doesn’t say that he can keep Cami safe in this moment because he probably couldn’t. He can’t fight against Cami’s demons, though he does know of places that can.

Theme songs: Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin and Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Fun fact: Since first meeting Dylan, Cami’s constantly torn between wanting to kiss him or slap him.

Thanks so much for reading this in-depth look at my favorite nephilim, Dylan! 

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Character Bio – Alana O’Neil

Name: Alana O’Neil

Age: Late Twenties

Description: Tall, short blond hair, steel gray eyes, muscular.

Style: Leather jacket, boots, jeans, T-shirts.

Personality Traits: Protective, loner, cautious, untrusting.

Strengths: Excels in combat, critical thinker, graceful, adaptive.

Weaknesses: Headstrong, controlling, secretive.

Alana oneil quote TaintedQuote: “She was a monster, and there was nothing I could do about it except fight to keep my own soul. I won at the expense of her life. It was the only way to salvage what was left of her soul, and it haunts me. I couldn’t save the only person I should have. Instead, her blood is on my hands.” This quote gives us a glimpse into Alana’s life. It’s the reason she’s so protective of Cami and why she chose to give up her hunting career. She wants to redeem herself for her bloody past.

Theme songs: What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

Fun fact: Alana was a dancer growing up. She adapted her dance skills to her combat skills when she became a hunter. It’s never mentioned directly in the novel, but Cami always references Alana’s actions and movements to dancers.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this more in depth look at Alana O’Neil!

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Character Bio – Cami Anders

Name: Cami Anders

Age: Seventeen

Description: Dark hair, green eyes, pouty lips, 5’6”.

Style: Leather jacket, boots, jeans, though she loves impractical hunting clothes like sundresses and skirts.

Personality Traits: Curious, impulsive, defiant, snarky.

Strengths: Adaptive, caring, good sense of smell.

Weaknesses: Follows heart over head, acts before thinking, starved for socialization.

Cami Anders Quote TaintedQuote: “I would love to run away from this life, but I can’t trust him. I’ve known him a few hours, and it would be crazy to even consider it. I like him, but I also like chocolate, reading, and not being bothered by demons, too.” This is one of my favorite quotes because she recognizes how complicated and confusing her emotions tend to be. Plus, I like chocolate.

Theme songs: Demons by Imagine Dragons and Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin.

Fun fact: Cami Anders has a heightened sense of smell for demons. I spent four years sampling and writing fragrance reviews and applied my knowledge of fragrances to develop Cami’s nose.

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Character Bio – Tristan Sparks

Tristan banner

Name: Tristan Sparks

Age: 19

Physical Features: Over six feet, reddish-brown hair, bright green eyes, lanky yet strong.

Style: Jeans and T-shirts, always has some sort of leather bands with elfin charms.

Strengths: Tristan is an elf with a strong grasp of magic. He’s persistent, caring, selfless, and wise beyond his years.

Weaknesses: Overly curious and somewhat of a pushover.

Quote: “While the HPA is powerful, they’re not all powerful. Look how many times they’ve underestimated you, or all the times their skills were faulty, or the times that their own people have turned against them—they’re only human.” This is one of my favorite Tristan quotes because of the truth of his words.

Fun Facts:

  • Tristan’s last name is never actually mentioned in the novel.
  • I had a lot of fun creating what elves are like in my HPA and Creature Council world. Elves happen to be one of the most powerful creatures and can create all sorts of charms and talismans for any situation. It’s why they have one of the few seats on the council.
  • The HPA used elfin blood to formulate the virus to alter human DNA to give people a tracking ability like Evie’s.
  • Tristan has the potential to live hundreds of years if he’s careful.
  • The telling feature of an elf is their pointy ears.

I hope you enjoyed a more in-depth look at one of my favorite book boyfriends, and I hope you enjoy Tristan in Stolen from Me, which you can purchase here.



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Altered to Kill Character Bio: Lexie Lumins

Lexie Lumins Altered to Kill Young Adult Book Character Bio

Name: Lexie Lumins

Age: Mid-twenties

Physical Features: Long black hair, blue eyes, petite, 5’4”

Style: Maxi skirts, bold patterns, colorful, full-length dresses, lots of jewelry

Strengths: Matriarch of Luminous Sisterhood, sensibility, independent, empathetic

Weaknesses: Always puts others first, bound by Enchantress Sisterhood law

Quote: “The mind is a powerful thing.” I love this quote because it sums up enchantresses. They understand the mind because their power influences it. They have to know just what to say to get an everlasting effect on someone. Physical commands are easy, but changing the way a person thinks takes a master. It’s why Lexie is the matriarch of her faction of the Enchantress Sisterhood.

Fun Facts:

  • Lexie is responsible for helping Alyssa Callaghan, from the Destined for Dreams series and Escaping Fate, leave the hardships of her life.
  • Lexie has no living biological family.
  • The book she shows Mira with the history of the HPA is one of four in existence. Only the other matriarchs of the sisterhood have a copy except for the Ever Sisterhood, since there isn’t a matriarch. The remaining copy resides with the Creature Council’s enchantress from the Destined for Dreams series.
  • The different factions of the Enchantress Sisterhood are Luminous, Crescent, Midnight, and Ever.

I hope you’ve enjoyed an in-depth look at the amazing enchantress, Lexie Lumins! Sign up for my newsletter to read about Lexie’s first appearance in the creature world that the Destined for Dreams series and the Finding Nate series share.

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Altered to Kill Character Bio: Evie Thompson


Name: Evie Thompson

Age: 17

Physical features: Dark hair cut into a bob, golden skin, hazel eyes, slim/athletic.

Style: Casual wear, jeans, T-shirts, boots, scrubs within the HPA training facility.

Favorite Activities: Shopping, studying, learning about the creature world.

Fears: Making bad decisions, uncertainty, death, fighting against someone she knows.

Strengths: She’s fast and quick thinking, intelligent, careful, a critical thinker.

Weaknesses: Wishy-washy, anxious, regretful, a follower.

Quotes: “I’m just scared. You know, this whole thing wasn’t what I signed up for. The board told me I’d be safe, that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore because I’d be powerful and able to fight. They lied. I’m more scared than ever.” This is one of my favorite Evie lines because it’s one that rings true to her situation. Her realization speaks volumes to the evolution of her character from what role she played in the Destined for Dreams series.

Fun facts:

  • Evie’s name is four letters like Nate, Mira, and Liam. Like Nate, she goes by a nickname instead of her real name, Evangeline.
  • Evie has more secrets and tells more lies than anyone in the series.
  • Evie both loves and hates Nate’s impulsivity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look into Evie!

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