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*I wrote a character interview with Nadia and Hunter almost a year ago for a blog but never posted it myself. This interview takes place after Destined for Dreams and before Destined for Despair. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you haven’t read Destined for Dreams yet, pick up your FREE digital copy from all online book retailers.*

Today, as a treat, I’d like to introduce you to two special guests for an interview—the ones who told me their story in the first place—Nadia Petrov and Hunter Sullivan.

Me: It’s great you two could join me today for this interview.

Nadia: I’m trying to make up for the time I gave you a nightmare.

Hunter: Ginna volunteered.

Me: He’s right. I doubt you invade unsuspecting sleepers’ dreams anymore since you met Hunter.

Nadia: I don’t. 

Me: Probably for the best. So, why don’t I just ask the first question?

Hunter: Go on.

Me: You two met in a dream. What was that like?

Hunter: Indescribable. I couldn’t believe she was real and in Jackie’s head.

Nadia: Hunter was quite the surprise. It scared me at first, but I felt bad for him, so I kept going back.

Hunter: I’m lucky she did.

Me: I think all of you were lucky. What do you think your lives would be like if you didn’t meet?

Nadia: We’d both be trapped in places we hated.

Hunter: Yeah, I doubt Jackie would’ve been courageous enough to face her fears alone.

Me: What did you miss the most being imprisoned in someone else’s body, Hunter?

Hunter: Basically everything, but I missed being in control…and food. Oh, and kissing.

Nadia: The real thing is definitely better than in dreams.

Me: Hah! Nice. Do you hold a grudge against Jacqueline for taking your soul as collateral, Hunter?

Hunter: While it was torturous being in Jackie’s mind, I’ve learned a lot from her. Yeah, I’d never ask to share a body again, but if I hadn’t, I would’ve never met Nadia.

Me: What about you, Nadia, any resentment toward Jacqueline?

Nadia: No, definitely not. Jacqueline and I are a lot alike. We’re burdened with gifts we don’t really want. In her defense, she did it to save herself. I might’ve done the same.

Hunter: My mom would’ve killed her. Still might try if she ever finds her.

Me: Must be hard.

Hunter: It’s manageable. We’re working things out. It’s a lot easier being with Nadia in the real world instead of a dream.

Me: Speaking of dreams, what do you like about dreams, Nadia?

Nadia: I get to see and go places I don’t get to visit in real life—some of those places don’t even exist in the real world. It’s like being a part of a magical place…until I destroy it, at least.

Me: Can you visit without inflicting a nightmare?

Nadia: No…I don’t think so. I’ve never tried, really. It’s too irresistible. I don’t do it for fun. It wouldn’t be right.

Hunter: She could invade my dreams anytime.

Nadia: Hunter…

Me: So what has been your favorite dream?

Hunter: Mine was the very first one I met Nadia, in the rundown city. It was the first time I felt hope since being trapped in Jackie’s mind. I sometimes try to imagine that place so I’d dream about it on my own.

Me: Has it ever worked?

Hunter: It’s not the same without Nadia.

Me: So what about you, Nadia?

Nadia: I loved most of the dreams I’ve invaded with Hunter, but my favorite is the one and only dream I had on my own. It was such an amazing and scary feeling not having the same control I do when inflicting a nightmare, but I felt so normal. Almost human. I’d love to dream again.

Me: Okay, last question. What’s next for you two?

Hunter: I’ve made some plans with Jackie. We’re going to change the world so we don’t have to worry about the Human Preservation Agency.

Nadia: I’d like to find some sort of normalcy…and figure out how to tell my father about Hunter.

Me: Dmitri is quite intimidating.

Hunter: Tell me about it.

Nadia: He’s really a softy.

Me: Well, it was great having you both here. Maybe next time you could convince Jacqueline to join you.

Hunter: If it suits her.

Nadia: Don’t listen to him. Of course she’d love to come.

Thanks for reading Nadia and Hunter’s character interview! Are there other characters you’d like an interview from or other questions you’d like to ask Hunter and Nadia? Let me know in the comments!

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Character Bio-Alyssa Callaghan

When plotting out a loose storyline for Destined for Dreams, Nadia Petrov was supposed to be a complete loner, but when I actually sat down to write the novel, she had a best friend from the very first page. Alyssa Callaghan’s character was a lot of fun to write because of her seer ability. While Alyssa isn’t all-knowing—her visions are based off the decisions of others—she’s definitely someone you’d want on your side.

Nadia and Alyssa are a lot alike because they both see things in their own worlds—nightmares or visions—that they can’t see in real life while living in their community. They also see the worst of the world, from people’s fears to the consequences of bad decisions, and the darkness that shadows over them through their abilities is what bonds them together.

Now without giving too much away, I’d like to share Alyssa’s character bio with you.


Alyssa Callaghan

Name: Alyssa Callaghan
Age: Seventeen
Hair Color: Red
Eye color: Green
Ability/Creature: Seer—predicts the outcome of decisions/ can narrow down the best possible outcome for a specific decision.
Family: Considers Nadia and Dmitri family.
Fears: Alyssa is afraid of her past and of losing the people she cares about. 
Strengths: She’s reasonable and not quick to make decisions. She is a good judge of character and brave.
Quote: “My advice is to just not make any decisions yet. First think about the future you’d have with Hunter and if it would be worth risking everything you have for it.”

I hope you enjoyed this look at Alyssa Callaghan! If you have any non-spoilery questions, please leave a comment. I love hearing from you!

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Character Bio – Jacqueline Matthews

I’m so excited and grateful for all the positive responses to Destined for Dreams so far. It’s always nerve-wracking to hear whether or not people like your work, and I appreciate all my readers and their kindness.

Today’s post will feature one of my favorite characters, Jacqueline Matthews, and how I created her. When I originally thought of Jacqueline, she was supposed to be a true monster. But as I started writing, Jacqueline had so many more layers to her than I realized, and her struggle with her own personal demons was close to the same struggles as Nadia, that making Jacqueline truly evil was impossible.

Jacqueline’s even more of an outsider than Nadia. She had lost all of her family and had no friends because she was constantly on the run. Jacqueline is guarded and resourceful, and because she spent her life before taking Hunter taking care of only herself, she was selfish due to her circumstances—it was all she knew. Because of that, Jacqueline Matthews’s character changes the most throughout Destined for Dreams and the rest of the series, and I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now without giving away too much, below is Jacqueline Matthews’s character bio.

Jacqueline Matthews in Destined for Dreams

Name: Jacqueline Matthews
Age: Nineteen
Hair Color: Dark brown, curly
Eye color: Lavender
Ability/Creature: Sin-eater—she purifies the wrong-doings of bad souls so they can die in peace.
Family: None
Fears: As we see in Jacqueline’s nightmares, her greatest fear is the Human Preservation Agency.
Strengths: Jacqueline is resourceful, manipulative, and selfish. It’s her sheer will to survive and her self-centered tendencies that keep her alive.
Quote: “Hunter, you know I always come first.”
I hope you enjoyed this look into Jacqueline Matthews. Watch out for Hunter’s Curse: A Destined for Dreams Short Story. It’s a prequel to the novel and features Jacqueline Matthews and Hunter Sullivan. Coming soon!

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Character Bio- Hunter Sullivan

Destined for Dreams debuts in less than two weeks and I’m anxiously waiting for everyone to get their hands on it. While counting down the days, I’ve been working on a few other exciting projects including the second book in the series and a prequel short story for Hunter Sullivan. It was interesting to go back into Hunter’s past and write down what he was like before Destined for Dreams. His past has always been mapped out in my mind, but having it come to life on the page left me wanting to share Hunter’s character bio with you.

To give you a little back story, Hunter started off as not a person, but as a secret Nadia Petrov was supposed to discover while inflicting a nightmare on Jacqueline Matthews, the new girl looking for sanctuary at Nadia’s compound. But after thinking about the plot and what Jacqueline’s secret was, Hunter Sullivan was born. Because hosting a soul is one of the biggest secrets a person could have and want to hide.

Now, after Hunter came to life in my mind, he was much louder than Jacqueline. He was ticked off and afraid for his life, and his character demanded he needed a voice more so than Jacqueline, so that’s how Hunter got his own point of view.

Without giving too much more away, below is Hunter Sullivan’s character bio. And remember, Destined for Dreams is now available for preorder!

hunter sullivan in Destined for Dreams

Name: Hunter Sullivan

Age: Seventeen

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Ability/Creature: None—human.

Family: Mason Sullivan-brother

Dr.  Andrea Sullivan-mother

Fears: Hunter is afraid of his host, Jacqueline Matthews, and he’s also afraid he’ll be trapped in her head forever.

Strengths: He’s understands how Jacqueline thinks from being trapped in her mind. He also knows how to manipulate her to do what he wants. He’s determined, brave, and even in his darkest moments, holds onto hope.

Quote: “The way she says it, it sounds like someone else would have to lose their body and then what? I’m not cool with that. Someone shouldn’t have to die when I have a perfectly good body back home. Jacqueline has caused enough harm as it is.”

I hoped you liked getting to know Hunter better. If you have any non-spoiler questions about how I created his character or anything else in regards to Destined for Dreams, leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!

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Character Bio- Nadia Petrov

As the release of my debut novel, Destined for Dreams, draws closer, I figured I’d let you get to know my characters a little better, and also how they came to exist in my mind.

My main character, Nadia Petrov, wasn’t the first character I created in the series. It was her father, Dmitri Petrov. His identity existed months before I had a premise for Destined for Dreams—he was actually created for a different project. But, the more I thought about Dmitri and who he was, the more I thought about his daughter. That’s when Nadia was created.

The idea for Nadia started in the notes section of my cell phone. I wrote a couple of sentences about a girl who hungered for dreams along with a list of possible names—none of which stuck. Nadia wasn’t given her permanent name until the third draft of Destined for Dreams, and only a few minutes before I sent it to my beta reader. Destined for Dreams is about hope and wanting (needing) to beat the odds—so in the end, Nadia, which means hope, is a very fitting name for her.

Now, without giving too much away, I’d like to share Nadia’s character bio with you.

nadia pic

Name: Nadia Petrov

Age: Seventeen

Hair Color: Pale blond/ White

Eye color: Blue/ Light gray

Ability/Creature: Nightmare inflictor

Family: Dmitri Petrov –father

Friends: Alyssa Callaghan

Fears: Nadia’s terrified of The Human Preservation Agency—an organization composed of scientists, doctors, and agents that seek to destroy the supernatural world—and with the fear of the HPA stems her fear of the world outside of the compound. Nadia’s also afraid of losing her humanity to her nightmare inflictor side.

Strengths: Nadia is all about getting things done. Once she has her mind set on something, she won’t stop until she completes the task. She’s intuitive and guarded, and has a strong moral compass of right and wrong, but also recognizes that there are gray areas to navigate.

Quote: “Each step I take leaves an oily footprint that seeps into the vibrant green grass, killing it. I bend over and tap the blossoming flowers and they shrivel up and disintegrate. Everything I touch rots and decays, turning this beautiful paradise into a hellish place fit for monsters like me.”  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nadia Petrov. If you have any (non-spoilery) questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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