Announcing Destined for Despair!


Destined for Despair EBOOK

I’m so excited to announce the second novel in my Destined for Dreams series, Destined for Despair, coming soon! Destined for Despair follows Nadia and Hunter as they navigate the world outside of Jacqueline’s dream world where they met and fell in love.

The novel picks up a few months after Destined for Dreams and focuses on Nadia adjusting to life without the protection of the Creature Council and the compound. We also find out what Hunter’s been up to and how he’s adapting to living life under the watchful eye of the Human Preservation Agency while maintaining a relationship with Nadia. Destined for Despair is a rollercoaster of a novel that’ll have your heart pounding until the end.

Now for the Destined for Despair blurb!

Life isn’t easy for Nadia Petrov once she’s in love Hunter Sullivan, a boy whose mother is on the board of the Human Preservation Agency, an organization determined to kill people with special abilities like her own. Desperate to experience a forever love, Nadia and Hunter risk their lives to be together even though the discovery of their relationship will not only destroy it, but will kill them in the aftermath.

A swell in HPA activity in a nearby city puts Nadia and Hunter on edge. Nadia finds her world falling apart when someone she loves is captured by the HPA and held prisoner in their termination facility. 

Nadia and Hunter’s relationship must survive the ultimate test when Nadia, with the help of her friends, plans to cross enemy lines on a rescue mission to free her loved one. Faced with a heartbreaking decision, Nadia must decide if her love for Hunter is worth the fight or if she should accept that their life together is destined for despair… 

Destined for Despair is available for pre-order on Amazon!

I hope you’re looking forward to Destined for Despair! Leave a comment and let me know!


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