Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Date: March 13, 2018

Even the most righteous angels fall. 

Born from magic and demon blood, seventeen-year-old Faith Blackwell’s purpose in life is to be the mortal vessel that links her demonic father to humanity. Her existence enables her father to work alongside the angelic army to protect the balance between Heaven and Hell on Earth. But Faith wants nothing to do with demonic affairs. She has her soul set on an eternity in good grace, despite her father’s disapproval.

Afraid her father will sway her soul toward Hell, the angelic army assigns Faith a guardian angel. If only the handsome angel didn’t bring out her devilish side. She can’t stop what he does to her humanity, though she knows nothing can come from her attraction to her guardian. Because angels, especially Demon Watchers, are off limits.

When people go missing, Faith’s father is accused of mortal misconduct by the angelic army. Faith refuses to accept her father’s fate and faces divine intervention at the hands of her angel. She finds herself in the middle of an eternal feud that jeopardizes her soul. If Faith can’t stop the angelic army from opening a portal to Hell to send her father back, power will shift away from Heaven, forcing Faith to descend as a full-blooded demon—a fate worse than losing her mortal life.

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Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Day: May 22, 2018

Her power can save humanity but her love for her guardian angel might destroy it. 

Faith Blackwell gave up her life as she knew it to protect her demonic father from getting sent to Hell by the angelic army. Forced into hiding under the protection of Ezekiel, her irresistible guardian angel, Faith fears the consequences their soul-deep connection has on his purpose in the universe. The last thing she wants is for an angel to fall from grace, but keeping her demonic half buried inside her proves harder than she imagined.

When a pack of hellhounds moves into her neighborhood and threatens to bring Heaven’s highest ranking and Hell’s most loyal to her doorstep, Faith realizes hiding with her guardian isn’t how she wants to spend the rest of her mortal life. A powerful witch and her ruthless pack of Hell beasts have a greater plan for the universe, and Faith can’t watch the destruction of humanity without trying to help save it.

Putting her eternity on the line, Faith uses her demonic blood to draw out the witch to try to stop her from unleashing Hell onto the world. But the kind of power Faith must gather comes at a price she can’t afford to pay—one that will leave her inner demon as her last possession.

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