Publication Date: June 30, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Seventeen-year-old Cami Anders uses one word to describe her life: Purgatory. What she doesn’t know is she’s closer to Hell than she thinks.

On the run from the demon that killed her parents, Cami struggles to find her place on the fringes of the Veiled Realm, the part of the world where demons and other creatures lurk in the shadows. Striving to find a normal life in the care of a former demon hunter, who would punch even an angel to protect her, is harder than Cami ever imagined. There’s nothing ordinary about sipping holy water like it’s her beverage of choice, having stare-downs with animalistic demons, and relying on a hunter with enough secrets to fill an ocean to keep her soul safe.

When the demon from Cami’s past arrives to collect her soul, which he believes is rightfully his, she must unravel the secrets her protector has spent the last three years keeping from her. She finds herself questioning her existence and learns that running isn’t the answer. The only way to find normalcy is if she fights for it. But is it worth the risk of losing everything, including her soul, in the end?

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Publication Date: September 29, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

After discovering a life-altering secret that brings her closer to Hell than ever, seventeen-year-old Cami Anders must adjust to a new life full of possibilities she never imagined.

Giving up a life on the run in exchange for protection from the Hunter’s Alliance was an easy decision for Cami to make. Training with the best hunters guarantees that she will soon have the strength to defeat the demon who killed her parents. The only problem? She might not have a chance to reach her full potential as more secrets come to light, threatening to unravel everything she’s fought for.

Finding her life in more danger than ever, Cami makes an unthinkable deal that sends her life spiraling down a path straight toward evil. One wrong step means she could lose not only her life but also her soul. Is Cami strong enough to resist the darkness or is she destined for Hell?

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Publication Date: November 30, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

After a devastating sacrifice leaves seventeen-year-old Cami Anders’ life in ruins, she must figure out how to pick up the pieces of her world and carry on with her second chance at life. But moving on isn’t so easy when the past comes back to haunt her, sending her running again—except this time, demons aren’t chasing her.

Determined to make a fresh start, Cami and her friends turn away from demon hunting to help those affected by demons and unprotected by the Hunter’s Alliance. As Cami immerses herself deeper into the Veiled Realm, new revelations have her questioning her entire existence. She finds safety with those she once feared—all while trying to make a difference in a world that no longer feels so wrong.

When an unthinkable act of betrayal forces Cami to face the enemies of her past, she must decide what’s worth more—saving the life of an innocent, saving her future, or saving her soul.

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Publication Date: January 26, 2017

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

After a devastating betrayal forces seventeen-year-old Cami Anders to accept a future she had never imagined, she learns how exhilarating life can be without the hassle of the world weighing her down. Cami turns her back on those who’ve wronged her and now faces a future with unlimited power, but at what expense? In the Veiled Realm, everything comes with a price.

When an unwelcome visitor threatens to break the imaginary wall she built to protect her soul, Cami finds herself drowning in a wave of unbidden emotions, and it makes her feel more alive than ever. But feeling alive reminds her of everything that was stolen from her, everything that she had lost. It reminds her that it isn’t only Hell that wants her soul.

Torn between the people she loves and the world she must fight for, Cami must make the ultimate decision—one that could destroy her life, her soul, and her entire world in the end.

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Publication Date: March 30, 2017

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Straddling the line between Heaven and Hell, seventeen-year-old Cami Anders never thought she’d find herself in Purgatory again. As demons rise to rule humanity, Cami faces a seemingly impossible task—to right the balance in the world before the most powerful demons create a new Hell on earth, one that they want her to be a part of.

Now faced with the ultimate decision, Cami must decide if the world that has wronged her is worth fighting for. Because saving humanity could not only mean she’ll lose her chance at the eternity of her making, but it could also mean that she must give up those she loves. Is she strong enough to take a stand against both Heaven and Hell, or is she doomed to make the most devastating sacrifice?

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Publication Date: December 13, 2016

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy/Holiday

This is a Christmas-themed short story collection featuring the stories: Deck the Halls with Demon Guts, Demonic Wonderland, and Angel Kisses and Christmas Wishes. Please note that you can enjoy the short stories separate of the Demon Within series, though it’s highly recommended that you read Tainted first before you read the short story Demonic Wonderland due to spoilers.

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deck-the-halls-with-demon-guts-smallDeck the Halls with Demon Guts: Story One

The holidays are Hell for fifteen-year-old Cami Anders since she’s on the run from a demon out for her soul. After moving to a California mountain town, Cami’s holiday season turns from boring to terrifying when she stumbles upon a half-dead boy on the side of the road with his own demonic problems.

Unable to leave the boy to his fate, Cami convinces her guardian and former demon hunter, Alana O’Neil, to help him. What was supposed to be an uneventful, peaceful night turns into one with danger, demons, and an unexpected visitor. Can Cami manage to find Christmas cheer, or will she discover there is no such thing as a Christmas miracle?






Demonic Wonderland: Story Two

Fighting a demon on Christmas Eve instead of celebrating the holiday season is nothing new for seventeen-year-old Evan Whiteshaw. After rescuing a human girl from a fate bound for Hell, Evan and his partner, David, call upon an angelic friend to handle the situation. With the arrival of Dylan comes news that they’d been hoping to hear for more than a year.

There’s nothing in the world that Evan wants more than to help his partner find his runaway wife, who also happens to be protecting a demon-hunted girl he could never get off his mind. With no better way to spend Christmas, Evan follows David on a wild goose chase in hopes of reuniting their family. What he finds isn’t what he imagined, and he discovers that he’s not the only one in need of a Christmas miracle.




angel-kisses-and-christmas-wishes-smallAngel Kisses and Christmas Wishes: Story Three

Returning home to her small desert town for the holidays wasn’t exactly how sixteen-year-old Cadence Dubois imagined spending her Christmas. But when her father is called away on Hunter’s Alliance business, she refuses to let her grandmother—the woman who raised her—spend the holidays alone.

When she arrives, an unexpected visitor charms his way into Cadence’s world with the flash of ethereal wings and an irresistible smile—but Cadence knows better than to fall for a nephilim. She doesn’t want anything to get in the way of her destiny of becoming a demon hunter, and a night with a half-angel could do just that.

Before Cadence gets wrapped up in angelic wings, an unwelcome demon threatens to ruin Christmas. When all her years of training suddenly seem useless amid a demon encounter, Cadence must decide if demon hunting is really her destiny or if she has another calling.




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