The rules of the She-Wolf Games are simple.

1. Get out of the cage first.
2. Don’t waste time shifting into a wolf.
3. Never stop running.
4. Don’t get caught.
5. Repeat every night until the games are over…or you escape.

With werewolves on the brink of extinction, packs from everywhere came together in an attempt to overcome their differences. The creation of the She-Wolf Games did just that, bringing peace among the territories as packs work toward the same goal: Save their species.

Usually, I’d be touched at such a monumental occasion, but I had no idea werewolves existed. Or that female werewolves were a commodity and the ultimate prize.

I figured it out fast after encountering a beautiful wolf outside my apartment building. If only the cute sucker hadn’t bitten me.

Because now, I find myself as one of three she-wolves among a few dozen men competing for a chance to fill a spot in my new pack. Four scary-hot werewolves who all get to claim me. And they will do anything to win the She-Wolf Games. It’s for a good cause, right? Too bad I’m going to assure they all lose.

This is a sizzling hot reverse harem paranormal romance. Get ready for sparks to fly as the games begin.


Rules aren’t only meant to be broken. They’re meant to be changed.

Saving the werewolf species from extinction isn’t as easy as the packs of Magaelorum thought. The She-Wolf Games might have united packs in all the territories, but the she-wolf alpha leaders are crazy to think I’ll join their ranks to help continue four—wait, five—powerful bloodlines.

If only that was the most of my worries.

A war brews around us as witches and lycans team up against us. Breaking the magical barrier protecting our species from the rest of Magaelorum will be our end. It doesn’t help that the pack leaders refuse to see past their mating games.

But I do. I’m the only she-wolf to have lived in the Mortal World outside our sanctuary. I know what we must fight for.

Now, the She-Wolf Games have turned into a game of picking the men who will best help me rise. The men who understand it’s more than anticipating my upcoming season.

Welcome to the Wolf-Mate Trials, where only those worthy of me will survive.