Genre: Upper Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy/Romance

Release Date: February 13, 2018

One girl holds the key to life inside a mind broken by death. Yesterday, Skye Stone died. Today, she’s more alive than ever. 

After dying and returning to life as a telepath, seventeen-year-old Skye wakes up with amnesia in a basement. Skye soon discovers a ruthless cult, known as the Knezha Family, holds her captive. The cult believes the secret to immortality hides within her mind, gifted with power acquired through death, and will do anything to break her. But Skye can’t be broken. The Knezha Family can’t find what she doesn’t have. If only she’d stop remembering.

Unfortunately for Skye, Luka Landon, the familiar boy in the cell next to hers, unlocks pieces of her memory she wishes she could forget. Luka reveals the reason they’re locked up at the mercy of the Knezha Family, and Skye struggles to summon the part of her dark self capable of fighting the dangerous cult determined to get her to fall in line.

In a race to beat the Knezha Family’s mind games and find a future with Luka outside the cult, Skye must embrace her deadly past. If she doesn’t, she risks losing control of her mind and freedom to the Knezha Family, a fate she gave up everything, even Luka, to escape.

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Genre: Upper YA Paranormal Fantasy/Romance

Release Date: April 17, 2018

She thought she knew nothing, but as it turns out, she knew too much. 

After losing the dangerous mind games inflicted on her by the Knezha Family cult, telepath Skye Stone finds herself imprisoned within the cult’s compound. As Skye’s memories shine light on her past, she discovers why she lost her memories. The reason? Luka Landon, her soul mate who’s now under the influence of the Knezha Family. But Skye can’t accept she’s lost Luka and her freedom to those quick to break her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to remember who she is outside of the Knezha Family.

The more Skye remembers, the more the Knezha Family manipulates her, and resisting Luka proves impossible. To save herself, Skye must use her telepathic power to repair the damage caused by the Knezha Family. If she fails, she risks losing her mind and Luka to them forever.

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