Publication Date: January 16, 2018

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

No one’s secrets are safe in dreams.

Born a nightmare inflictor, a creature who survives by creating nightmares and consuming them, seventeen-year-old Nadia Petrov spends her life hidden at the Creature Council’s compound from the dangers of humans. The ongoing threat of the Human Preservation Agency, an organization that eradicates creatures to keep humans safe, makes living among humans impossible. If Nadia were discovered, she’d face an automatic death sentence.

Hunter Sullivan, the son of a Human Preservation Agency board member, never thought his mother would exchange his soul for information about the Creature Council, the HPA’s biggest threat. Now held hostage in the mind of Jacqueline Matthews, a sin-eater, Hunter spends his time watching everything through his host’s eyes with no hope to reunite with his body again.

Lying to gain the protection of the Creature Council to uphold her deal with the HPA, Jacqueline meets Nadia at the compound. Nadia intrudes Jacqueline’s dreams and discovers Hunter. A soul-deep connection pushes Nadia to visit Hunter despite who he is in the real world. Through each other, they realize they’re not the monsters they thought they were. But dreams can’t last forever. With the fear of discovery by Jacqueline, Nadia must risk losing the safety of the compound to help Hunter. If Nadia can’t reunite him with his body, Hunter will be lost forever.

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*Lost in Dreams was previously titled Destined for Dreams and is considered a second edition.



Publication Date: February 2018

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

She’s his ultimate dream girl.

Life isn’t easy for Nadia Petrov after being cast out from the creature compound she’s known most of her life. Without the protection and resources of the Creature Council, Nadia finds herself at a public high school, among humans, testing her ability to fit in where a sleeping classmate could awaken her nightmare inflictor side. But high school is a dream compared to her love life. Loving Hunter Sullivan, the son of one of the Human Preservation Agency board members, puts Nadia in the face of danger as they risk a relationship outside of the dreams they met in.

Falling in love with a nightmare inflictor was the last thing Hunter Sullivan expected from his life, considering he was raised to fear creatures. He poses as an HPA agent to keep Nadia safe, immersing himself in the HPA in hopes of changing the ideals of the organization. When Hunter’s assigned to work at the termination facility, he struggles with wanting to save the lives of others and himself.

A rise in HPA activity threatens Hunter and Nadia’s relationship. After someone Nadia loves is captured by the HPA and held prisoner in its termination facility under Hunter’s care, Nadia must decide if life with Hunter is worth it. Their relationship risks exposing Hunter as a traitor to the HPA, but Nadia refuses to let the HPA destroy her life. With the help of friends, Nadia plans to cross enemy lines on a rescue mission while trying to preserve Hunter’s cover. If she fails, not only will it destroy her relationship with Hunter but also kill them both in the aftermath.

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*Nightmare Reality was previously titled Destined for Despair and is considered a second edition.


Publication Date: February 2018

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Some nightmares shouldn’t be feared.

Nadia Petrov’s world is shaken when the Human Preservation Agency robs her of the chance to live a normal life with the boy of her dreams. Locked away at the termination facility, Nadia must hide her nightmare inflicting side as a means of survival because the discovery of her ability would be a death sentence. The only thing keeping Nadia from succumbing to her unbearable circumstances is that Hunter Sullivan, the boy she’s madly in love with, feigns loyalty to the HPA to protect her.

Hunter is determined to help Nadia escape from the termination facility even if it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. Treating her like an inmate and watching the HPA attempt to get into her head pushes him to his breaking point. After a seemingly fatal decision leaves Nadia’s life hanging in the balance, Hunter and Nadia must fight for a life away from the HPA. But a life together in the real world comes at a cost—one neither can afford to pay.

In the final installment of the Destined for Dreams series, love and loyalty are tested, trust is broken, and sacrifices are made.

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*Edge of Awake was previously titled Destined for Death and is considered a second edition.


Nadia Petrov survives by creating and devouring nightmares. Hunter Sullivan trained all his life to fight against creatures who threaten humanity. After meeting in a dream, Nadia and Hunter realize how forbidden their love truly is. If they want a life together, they must fight for it. If only they weren’t on opposing sides of a war between science and magic that could destroy everything.

In a hidden world where humans and creatures fight for survival, love and loyalty are tested, trust is broken, and sacrifices are made. Follow the exciting star-crossed romance between Hunter and Nadia in the Destined for Dreams complete box set that includes Lost in Dreams, Nightmare Reality, and Edge of Awake.