The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

img_5351I was so excited to receive an ARC of The Lovely Reckless months before its release, and I devoured it! The novel blew me away! It follows Frankie Devereaux, a teen girl whose boyfriend is brutally beaten to death in front of her, as she gives up her old life of wealth and riches after making a mistake that gets her kicked out of her prep school. Forced to live with her undercover cop father and go to a new school vastly different than her private school, Frankie falls into a world of street racing, fights, and everything that encompasses hot, irresistible bad boy Marco Leone.

thelovelyrecklessBeautifully written, The Lovely Reckless captured the perfect amount of action, love, grief, and self-discovery. It lingered with me for days as I reveled in the love story of Frankie and Marco. It was one of my favorite young adult contemporary romances ever. I just loved the development of Frankie’s character and her growth throughout the novel. I loved how every relationship played a role in who she was and was becoming from her strained relationship between her parents, the forced friendship with her best friends, to the new unexpected relationships in the people she’d have never associated with if she were the same Frankie before the death of her childhood friend and boyfriend.

But the story wasn’t all love and moving forward through grief, it was action-packed and exciting with some mystery. It had all the things I love in a novel. If you enjoy stories about love and loss, are a fan of street racing movies like The Fast and the Furious, like young adult contemporary romance, and novels with diversity, The Lovely Reckless is for you.

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About the Author

kami-garciaKami Garcia is the #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures novels. Kami’s solo series, The Legion, includes the instant New York Times bestseller UNBREAKABLE, and the Bram Stoker Award nominated sequel UNMARKED, both of which were nominated for Bram Stoker Awards. Her forthcoming YA contemporary romance THE LOVELY RECKLESS releases on October 4, 2016, followed by THE X-FILES ORIGINS: AGENT OF CHAOS, an novel about a teenage Fox Mulder, in January 2017, both from Imprint (Macmillan).

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES has been published in 50 countries and translated in 39 languages, and the series has sold over 5 million copies. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES was a finalist for the ALA’s William C. Morris Debut Author Award, a SCIBA Award Finalist, Amazon’s #1 Teen Book of 2009 and #5 on the Editor’s Top 100 List, a YALSA “Teen Top Ten” Pick, and a New York Public Library’s “Books for the Teen Age” selection. The film adaptation Beautiful Creatures released in theaters in 2013, from Warner Brothers.

Kami has an MA in education, and she was a teacher for seventeen years before co-authoring her first novel on a dare from seven of her students. If she isn’t busy watching Supernatural, Kami can teach you how to escape from a pair of handcuffs or bake a Coca-Cola cake. She has never raced a car, but there is still time. She lives in Maryland with her family, and their dogs Spike and Oz (named after characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Visit Kami at

Keep up with Kami and her books here:, Facebook: KamiGarciaYA, Twitter: @kamigarcia, Instagram: @kamigarcia, Tumblr: kamigarcia, & Pinterest: kamigarcia.

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The Day That Saved Us by Mindy Hayes

The Day That Saved Us by Mindy HayesThe Day That Saved Us by Mindy Hayes follows the unforgettable story of Peyton Parker and Brodee Fisher as they spend their last summer together as best friends before going off to college. I had no idea what to expect when I started, but I highly enjoyed it.

This book had been on my TBR list for a while since a friend pointed it out a few months ago. Because I had lived most of my adult life near the beach in San Diego, I’ve recently gravitated more toward summer reads and beachy settings since I’ve moved, and I knew I’d love this book from the start. Mindy Hayes does an exceptional job capturing the essence of summer through Hatteras, a North Carolina summer destination. But that wasn’t what I loved about The Day That Saved Us—it was the beach setting that got my attention, but it was the characters that drew me in and wouldn’t let me go.

The complicated, multifaceted relationship between Peyton and Brodee will have you both smiling and yelling as Mindy takes you on a rollercoaster ride through their lives as they adjust to adulthood. I thought the way the story was split into two parts interesting, with each lead getting a narrative, and while at first I missed Peyton’s perspective, I loved Brodee’s just as much. I almost wish I had gotten both from the beginning straight through to the end. The Day That Saved Us by Mindy Hayes Teaser

I highly recommend this novel to those who love YA/NA contemporary, beachy books, complex characters, and books that give you all the feels.

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About the Author (from Amazon)

MHMindy is the youngest of six children and grew up in San Diego, California. After graduating Brigham Young University-Idaho, she discovered her passion for reading and writing. Mindy and her husband have been married for nine years and live in Summerville, South Carolina.

She is the author of the YA fantasy series, The Faylinn Novels; the adult contemporary romance series, The Willowhaven Series; as well as the coming of age standalone, The Day That Saved Us. Her latest release, Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost was co-written with Michele G. Miller and released on June 6, 2016. Mindy is currently working on Glimmer, Faylinn Novel #4.

You can find Mindy online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her website.

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Breaking Saint Jude by Nikki Godwin

Breaking Saint Jude by Nikki Godwin

I fell in love with Nikki Godwin’s writing when I read Falling from the Sky, and Breaking Saint Jude only enhanced my love for her novels. It was fast-paced, and I read it in three nights.

Breaking Saint Jude is a contemporary LGBT novel with a diverse cast of eccentric characters that follows the story of Jude Calvert, the son of a zoo vet, as he tries to find his place in a world where he’s become an outcast due to an unfortunate situation with an ex-boyfriend’s family.

What I loved most about the novel was how well Nikki brings characters to life. Jude Calvert was so well written that I felt like he was a real person, and he was sharing his life with me. When we’re introduced to his new group of friends, which he meets through his love interest Max Rangel, you can’t help but find a piece of yourself in every character. My favorites were Terry, because I met him before in Falling from the Sky, and while he has a shady life, he just gets things, and Tuck. Tuck had some great one-liners that had me snorting with laughter.

I also enjoyed the unconventional storyline of a boy and his love for a polar bear and how he stumbles into a world with a secret brotherhood that scours the zoos for deceased wildlife to stuff and add to their collection, especially since Jude’s dad works at a zoo, and he’s a huge animal lover and vegetarian. It was a unique story that just made sense. I loved it!

Another thing I loved about Breaking Saint Jude was how Nikki wove in tiny blips of her other novels, like crossover characters, bands, etc. It made me feel like I was in on a secret, which was totally cool. If you haven’t read any of Nikki’s other novels, do so! They’re all fantastic.

I highly recommend Breaking Saint Jude for people who crave a diverse, young adult book with an LGBT main character, for those who like clean M/M romances, and those looking for something fun and different to read.

If you haven’t read Breaking Saint Jude, go do it. Now! It’s FREE on most book retailers at the time of this posting.

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Author Q&A

1. The characters in Breaking Saint Jude all have unique collections—Jude with his broken glass, his friends with stuffed exotic animals. Do you like to collect anything?

I actually don’t collect anything. I do buy a ton of notebooks, notepads, and such, though, if that counts!

2. Jude loves a polar bear and a gorilla in the novel. What is your favorite animal?

My favorite animal is the giraffe. It’s one of the few animals that I highlighted in this book because I adore them.

3. Did you know you’d add crossover characters from your other novels in Breaking Saint Jude or was it something that just happened?

When I started writing BSJ, I hadn’t planned on it. I actually began this book in November 2011 for NaNoWriMo while I was also drafting Chasing Forever Down (and needed a break). It sat on my computer half-written for a long time. When I wrote Kids in Love (Saturn #2), I actually borrowed Sierra Springs from BSJ, even though BSJ wasn’t published yet. I love crossover, though, as a reader and a writer, so I try to find ways to shout out my other books along the way. I actually reallllly want to write a spring break road trip book of Max & Jude and Micah & Ridge (from Falling From the Sky). I’d love to see a week of those four together. I doubt anyone would read it, so I may just write it for my sister lol.

4. We discover that Jude’s boyfriend is into boy bands. Who’s your not-so-secret boy band crush?

Haha! I love the boy band shout out in this book. I often forget about it because it was a last minute addition. That scene was actually pretty revealing… Gotta love crossover. wink emoticon But I think everyone knows that I love Liam Payne from One Direction.

5. What was your favorite scene to write?

My favorite scene in Breaking Saint Jude is one that happens on a rooftop. It’s a conversation between Jude and his dad (who is my favorite parent I’ve written to date). I’d originally planned on having this conversation between Jude and Max, but as I was writing, it just felt more organic and “right” to be between Jude and Dr. Calvert.

Thanks so much to Nikki for taking the time to do an author interview!




NikkiGodwinAbout the Author

Nikki Godwin is a YA/NA/LGBT author. She can’t live without Mountain Dew, black eyeliner, and music by Hawthorne Heights. When not writing, she internet-stalks her favorite bands and keeps tabs on surf competitions. Her favorite surfer is Gabriel Medina. If you ever get her started on surfing or music, she’ll never shut up. You’ve been warned.

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When Fingers Meet Keys

pens strokedI’ve been writing for myself for many, many years. My imagination is hectic, scattered, confusing, excited, sometimes dark, sometimes funny, but always non-stop. It’s all over the place and overflowing with ideas, stories, thoughts, and dreams, and when I sit down at a computer and my fingers meet the keys, it’s like everything falls into place how it should. That’s how writing always feels to me. It’s my calling and passion, and now I’ve decided to let people into my unpredictable imagination…so explore if you dare.

Why Young Adult?

I wrote my very first unpublished (you can thank me later—it was awful) novel at age eighteen. I had graduated high school just six months before and my voice sounded just like I did. That youthful, honest, spirited voice never left me, even ten years later, and I still love writing for teenagers and those young-at-heart. You could say that no matter how hard I tried to grow up, I didn’t—at least my imagination didn’t.

More about me…

I love writing fantasy and contemporary works within YA. While things like ghosts, demons, zombies, and aliens scare me on the small and big screen, I enjoy writing about them. I also love writing about real life and the light and dark we live with. I find creative balance writing for multiple genres.

Besides writing, I enjoy binge watching television, playing with my toddler, hanging out with my husband, cuddling with my dogs, and designing all sorts of neat things for Silver Starlight Designs, the design company I co-founded.

I hope you enjoy my imagination as much as I do! You can also check me out on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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