Revived Deleted Scene

Miss Cami and Dylan? Here’s a glimpse at a deleted scene from Revived: Demon Within Book 5. It contains spoilers for the series, so read at your own risk. Also, this scene was cut from the very first draft and has not been edited.


Fog hovers over the sleepy town of Shadow Meadows as I watch the sun peak over the horizon from my place on the hillside. The world explodes with golden hues, covering everything in ethereal light. Tilting my head back, I soak in the warm rays. Sunrises never get old now that I know what life is like without them. I half expect the daylight prison realm to steal me away at any second, but it doesn’t. Not with Zach’s heavenly light swirling through my soul, anchoring me to this plane.

I cross my legs out in front of me and dig my dirty fingers into the dry grass that hasn’t seen rain in months. Somewhere down below, people are stirring, getting ready to face the world. Jealousy sneaks into my mind, catching me off guard. I’ve never felt so jealous for the oblivious in so long. It’s tempting to knock on everyone’s door and tell them who I am. Maybe I’ll discover something that makes me want to actually save the world.

A soft thud sounds from my right as someone lands nearby, interrupting my peace and quiet. Expecting that Zach would leave me alone for longer than an hour was wishful thinking. He always returns as my ever-present shadow. My protector of sorts. Funny to think that a demon would need an angel’s protection, but I never thought I made a very good demon in the first place.

“I’m starting to think you’re obsessed with me,” I comment, keeping my gaze trained on the small town below. I still want to tear off his head after last night.

The scent of dewy apples catches on the breeze, encompassing me in its familiar scent. “I thought we had already established that, love?”

Heat crawls up my cheeks as embarrassment grabs hold of me. “Oh, hey,” I say without looking at Dylan. “I didn’t know you were in town.”

He plops down next to me and bumps me with his shoulder. “Just got back.”

“How’s Faith?”

“She’s holding up.”

Like most of the demonic world, Faith believes that I sacrificed my life to save Malicevile. Even though she isn’t Hell-bound, she still remains in her demonic father’s care. The less she knows about me, the better. I feel guilty that she had to mourn me, but guilt is nothing new to me. I hope one day, when everything is said and done, I’ll be able to show myself to her again. You say that like you’re still willing to destroy your father…

I push the thought away. “Any other news?”

He shrugs. “Nothing important, and I haven’t seen him if that’s what you’re really wanting to know.”

Him. Dylan refuses to even speak Evan’s name. I don’t know if he thinks it hurts for me to hear it or if he just hates him so much he refuses to acknowledge he even has a name. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

Sighing, I lean back until I’m flat on the ground with a clear view of the crystalline sky. It’s so blue that I feel as if I could get lost in it.

“I miss him,” I say more to myself. I know it’s the last thing Dylan wants to hear, but I don’t care.

He ignores my comment and says, “I heard about the demi-demon.”

“So that’s why you’re here? Zach can’t bother to face me so he sends you in to try to reason with me. It’s not going to work, Dylan. You weren’t there. You didn’t see her. I—”

He cuts me off by pulling me from the ground and into his arms. His arms wrap around me in a hug that suffocates me with his scent despite how gross and crusty my clothes are—not to mention smelly—and rests his chin in the crook of my neck.

I’m too surprised to move, so I keep my hands pressed into his chest, feeling his rhythmic heartbeat under my palms.

“You don’t have to explain yourself. I went to Hell for you, remember? And I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, love. If my soul were bound to Malicevile, I’d hope you would be considerate as to what happened after he died. But Zach and the others? They’ll never understand what it’s like to be in love. I’m just lucky I’m only half angel. I couldn’t imagine life without being able to have experience what I do for you.” He squeezes me a little tighter, like his embrace has the power to stop the battle raging within me.

“You don’t think I’m selfish for dooming the world to Hell?” I ask, breathing into his neck.

He chuckles into my hair. “Of course not, but I also don’t think you’re solely responsible for the state of the world. You’d have to have a pretty extreme complex for that.”

I crinkle my nose, pulling back to stare into Dylan’s chocolate-brown eyes. He grins at me, flashing his dimples, and I reach up and rub his cheek. “You can thank that jerk, Zach, for that. Those were his words.”

Dylan leans forward, brushing his nose against mine for a split second before pushing from the ground with me still in his arms. Usually I’d protest, but the world doesn’t feel so heavy when someone else is holding me.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I think the world will wait a few hours to combust. Want to grab breakfast?”

“Think we can make a quick stop first?”

“Whatever you want, love.”

With those words, Dylan bends his knees, launching us into the air. I keep my eyes trained on him instead of watching the world disappear below. I’ve had enough of the world. I’m sure it’s had enough of me.


I hope you enjoyed this deleted scene with Angel Boy!  Thanks for reading!

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Demon Within Series Cover Re-Vamp Announcement

Over the next few weeks, you’ll notice a change in the covers of the Demon Within series if you haven’t already seen them on Amazon. While the original covers will always have a place in my heart, and I’ll always love their colorful spines, I’m officially in love with the new covers and their portrayal of Cami Anders.

Why re-vamp the covers so soon after the release of Revived you ask (or didn’t ask)? Well, the simple answer is that the decision to change them has been with me since the release of Crushed, though I didn’t want to change the covers halfway through the series. The original covers were often misinterpreted by just looking at them, especially with an older man (who was portraying Malicevile—Cami’s demon), and people assumed he was the love interest, which is obviously not the case. Also, I believe the new covers better portray the YA Paranormal genre. Plus, now, “These covers are on fiiiiiiirrreeeeee!” (Imagine Alicia Keys singing).

Anyway, I hope you all love the new Demon Within series covers as much as I do! If you’re interested in purchasing a signed paperback with the original covers on them for a discounted price, please feel free to message me at Ginna @ GinnaMoran . com (there are no spaces) or shoot me a message here.

Have a great day!



P.S. Tainted and Crushed are still on sale for .99cents! Get your copies today!

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CRUSHED LINKS: Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, Barnes&Noble, and Kobo.

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Demon Within Character Text Messages – Alana O’Neil

Alana doesn’t follow Cami on her hunts now that she’s reunited with David and knows that Cami can handle herself. So when Cami’s on the road, I imagine that she sends Alana a lot of interesting text messages. Here are a few.

alana-and-cami-textIt’s safe to say that no one likes to receive text messages including pictures of dead demons, even Alana, who isn’t afraid to get covered in demon guts.

Fun fact: New hunters love taking pictures of dead demons to show their skills. They also do it because demons are actually pretty rare for normal hunters. Cami is an exception.






The last thing Cami likes is to get letters from Malicevile. But he just loves torturing with her through the postal service. It’s his way of showing her that he knows where she is. It’s a power play.




Only the bravest hunters would dare take on a big city. Cami and Cadence aren’t though. She sends this picture to Alana as her way of showing that she’s no longer afraid of the sun setting. She’s embracing it.







I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these!

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Demon Within Character Text Messages- Angel Boy

Cami and Dylan have an up and down relationship that constantly has her wanting to kiss and kill him on a regular basis. In the next few text messages that take place both before and during Haunted, we get to see how they act on a more normal level when the world isn’t out to get Cami. Click to enlarge and enjoy!

angel-boy-ride-textFun fact: Cami hates nephilim transportation. For one, it’s cold in the air since she runs hot. Two, the closeness of being carried drives her crazy in a good and bad way. And three, transportation is one of the few things she can control in her life. She doesn’t like putting it in someone else’s hands unless she’s desperate. In a car, she has better control of the situation whether she’s driving or not.







Fun fact: Cami sleeps the best just after sunrise. If you dare call or text her before noon, you’ll have to face her wrath. She’d much prefer people send her messages via dreams like Dylan.




Fun fact: Cami has a hard time adjusting to a normal life. Running has always been her specialty, and stopping is harder than she imagined.





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Character Text Messages- Cadence and Cami

Cami Anders has a lot of interesting demon encounters on her quest to find the demon who has been haunting her for years. With her BFF Cadence by her side, things are a lot more interesting. They make a great team. Cami was kind enough to send me a few screen shots from some of their hunts for your reading enjoyment.


Fun fact: Most tainted humans smell like their demonic master to Cami. Sometimes she doesn’t realize they’re tainted until she sees the demon for herself. She rarely notices the scents of humans unless they are associated with demons, have potent body odor/are dirty, or if they wear fragrance.



Here’s another text message between Cami and Cadence involving a demon they stumble upon, who Cadence has the bravery to approach, pretending to be an innocent human. Stay tuned for an extra scene that I wrote from Cadence’s perspective that ties into this text message.

Fun fact: Demons don’t pass up any opportunities presented to them. Cadence is seen as an opportunity to corrupt.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these extras.








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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most favored holidays of demons. Not only do mid-level demons have an easier time fitting into the human world with their haphazard human facades, they also find the day to be delightfully sinful. 

Cami received this invitation in the mail and wanted to warn everyone that the host is quite demonic and while the cost to attend is free, the price of a good time could be your soul. 

Also, as a helpful reminder, the Hunter’s Alliance has issued a guide to help you survive Halloween. Of course, Cami had to put in her own two-cents as always. Enjoy and bargain with demons responsibly. 






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