Demon Within Character Text Message – Evan

For those of you who have read books one and two in the Demon Within series, you know that a shift is already happening in Cami’s world. Here are a few text messages I imagine to take place between Cami and Evan. I hope you enjoy them!

evan-textThis first text pays homage to Tainted and would’ve taken place in the weeks between Tainted and Crushed. Cami will never live down her naivety for facing the soul sucking demon.








haunted-text-teaserevan-textThese are for all the #teamEvan lovers out there. I’m not going to say too much about them other than they take place during Haunted. Read at your own risk. 










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Crushed Excerpt

Now with Crushed released in the world, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite non-spoiler scenes featuring Cami, Cadence, and Evan. The Hunter’s Academy is where hunters go to train in slaying demons, and let’s just say, it’s not your ordinary school. Happy reading!

img_5292“If you two will stand up here, I’d love to demonstrate how to get to know your opponents without any fighting demonstrations,” Hunter Miller says.

Cadence saunters to the front of the room, and Evan casually strolls behind her. Like me, Cadence is in a black dress with combat boots. I’d never have worn this dress to class if I’d been able to change. But Cadence is a different story. She is the fashionista of the hunters and can fight in anything, which is an advantage in my book. Her dark purple hair is braided down her back, with a faux black flower pinned behind her ear. Her honey brown eyes shine bright against the dark contrast of her heavy eyeliner. I bet half the boys in the room have already fantasized about kissing her plum lips.

Evan wears a simple button-down shirt and jeans. His blond hair is neatly brushed out of his aqua eyes. He looks absolutely normal. But behind his eyes and easygoing smile lies a predator most don’t know exists. He’s lethal, strong, and a great fighter. I’m excited to see if the class’s observations about my best friends are correct.

Hunter Miller holds a marker in her hand, ready to write on the whiteboard. “I want everyone to imagine the classroom is an alley in the middle of Los Angeles. It’s dark and you’re alone. At the end of the alley, Hunter Dubois is blocking your path. She’s demon-tainted, and the only way past her is to fight. How do you fight what you’re unsure of? Let’s start with clothing. What does Hunter Dubois’s clothing say about her combat skills?”

A boy with a shaved head raises his hand. I should really learn people’s names if I’m going to fit in. “Yes, Sebastian,” Hunter Miller says.

“Her dress says one of two things. She’s either a demi-demon with the ability to heal quickly, or she is stupid and a terrible fighter.”

Cadence smirks, raising a single eyebrow. Nothing anyone says will get to her. Hunter Miller writes a less offensive description on the board.

“Her combat boots lead me to believe she’s a great kicker,” a red headed girl says.

“Her entire ensemble confuses me,” a boy, whose name I think is Adam, says. “She’s hot and scary. I don’t know what to expect.”

I laugh out loud. Adam shrugs his shoulders, unfazed.

“This is good,” Hunter Miller says. “We all know looks can be deceiving. “Now, Hunter Dubois, can you explain to the class why you have chosen to wear a dress instead of more appropriate hunting attire?”

“Sure. I like to look good while I destroy demons. Just because I’m a hunter, doesn’t mean I have to be a fashion victim. I can fight wearing anything. I’m that good.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Crushed! You can pick up your copy at all major book retailers.

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