Treading Water Cover Reveal

I’m super stoked to finally be able to share with you the cover of Treading Water, the second book in the Spark of Life series. This book was so much fun to write, exploring the mermaid world Ava Adair dove into in Diving Under.

So without further ado, the cover for Treading Water…



After being transformed into a mermaid by the irresistible Carter Stevens, Ava Adair finds herself submerged deep in the sea without the ability to return to land. She trades a beachfront condo with her best friend and future plans to go to college for a life where her sole purpose revolves around Carter and the mermaid traditions she wants nothing to do with.

Fitting in with other mermaids is the last thing Ava wants, and after refusing to go through the coupling ceremony with Carter, Ava falls under the scrutiny of the colony’s mighty king, who would wipe out towns to keep his kingdom safe. When the king threatens not only her relationship with Carter but also the chance of reuniting with her family, Ava must figure out how to escape from the ocean and the king’s rule or never see the beloved shores of her home again.

Isn’t it so cool? I just love it!

You can pre-order Treading Water now so you can get it the second it releases.


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Everblue by Brenda Pandos

“I recommend this book for those who enjoy young adult insta-love, dual narration, and mermaid books.”

EverblueIt’s been a while since I’ve read a mermaid book, and I enjoyed jumping into Everblue. Following the lives of Ashlyn and Fin, Everblue takes us into the world where mers are real, and all it takes is one kiss to change everything.

Flipping between the human world in Tahoe to the mer world in Natatoria, I found Everblue entertaining, fast-paced, and a fun read. It had everything I like in a book from fun settings to great characters. I especially loved the creativity behind how humans can transform into mers and vice versa.

The setting of Natatoria was intriguing with the idea that mers could equip their homes with air bubbles as to change into human form, and how even though they live in this vivid undersea world, they still love human items and luxuries. I also liked the idea of this glamorous world where everything glittered with jewels. I could easily imagine living in Natatoria, though I’m not sure I’d want to after following Fin’s story.

The dual narration was also something I enjoyed. It was like two stories woven into one, which kept the pace going at a quick speed, though I did prefer the parts of the story when Ash and Fin were together. Their romance was cute and mushy, and I wish that it dove into it more instead of just skimming the surface. I look forward to book two in the series to see how things play out.

I recommend this book for those who enjoy young adult insta-love, dual narration, and mermaid books.

At the time of this posting, Everblue is FREE here.


About the Author

Brenda PandosAuthor Brenda Pandos lives in California with her husband, two energetic boys, eight chickens and a grumpy orange cat, though her kids keep begging for a dog #notadogperson #catrulesthehouse, that isn’t happening soon.

She avoids cooking and housework by writing fast-paced stories about kissing, hot mermen, bad boy vampires, and occasionally zombies–not all in the same stories… #issues. When she’s not writing, or wrangling her kids, she’s sleeping… or making up crazy #hashtags, failing at her latest Pinterest replication #lamechef or delivering a really bad pun.

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