Character Bio – Jacqueline Matthews

I’m so excited and grateful for all the positive responses to Destined for Dreams so far. It’s always nerve-wracking to hear whether or not people like your work, and I appreciate all my readers and their kindness.

Today’s post will feature one of my favorite characters, Jacqueline Matthews, and how I created her. When I originally thought of Jacqueline, she was supposed to be a true monster. But as I started writing, Jacqueline had so many more layers to her than I realized, and her struggle with her own personal demons was close to the same struggles as Nadia, that making Jacqueline truly evil was impossible.

Jacqueline’s even more of an outsider than Nadia. She had lost all of her family and had no friends because she was constantly on the run. Jacqueline is guarded and resourceful, and because she spent her life before taking Hunter taking care of only herself, she was selfish due to her circumstances—it was all she knew. Because of that, Jacqueline Matthews’s character changes the most throughout Destined for Dreams and the rest of the series, and I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now without giving away too much, below is Jacqueline Matthews’s character bio.

Jacqueline Matthews in Destined for Dreams

Name: Jacqueline Matthews
Age: Nineteen
Hair Color: Dark brown, curly
Eye color: Lavender
Ability/Creature: Sin-eater—she purifies the wrong-doings of bad souls so they can die in peace.
Family: None
Fears: As we see in Jacqueline’s nightmares, her greatest fear is the Human Preservation Agency.
Strengths: Jacqueline is resourceful, manipulative, and selfish. It’s her sheer will to survive and her self-centered tendencies that keep her alive.
Quote: “Hunter, you know I always come first.”
I hope you enjoyed this look into Jacqueline Matthews. Watch out for Hunter’s Curse: A Destined for Dreams Short Story. It’s a prequel to the novel and features Jacqueline Matthews and Hunter Sullivan. Coming soon!

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